Short or long, simple or more difficult tracks, there is something for everyone. Walk following your desires. 

Small hills, medievial villages, canyons and valleys, dolmens and capitelles, the nature is magnificant, the aromas of the garrigue vegetation, birds singing, flowers of all colors and of course the vineyards chaning its colors according to the seasons. 


  • all around les Aliberts, a breathtaking landscape, follow the circuits or simply drive zigzag on the roads and paths with little traffic, along the canyons, Fauzan, Ferrals-les-Montagnes, Boisset, Vélieux, Minerve, La Caunette, Babio, Aigues-Vives, Agel

  • along the Canal du Midi, UNESCO world heritage site, with its locks and house boats, starting in Homps, direction Argens, Roubia, Paraza, Ventenac-en-Minervois, Le Somail

  • on the former track of the railway, Homps, Olonzac, Oupia, Beaufort, Azillanet, Cesseras, Siran, La Livinière, Félines Minervois

  • The Tour de France 2016 did us the honor and passed by just in front of Les Aliberts


Discover the Minervois and the Corbières.  

There is hardly any traffic and the road conditions are very good.

The Montage Noire (black mountains), dark forests, wild valleys and canyons, the pic de Nore 1211m, Saint-Pons-de-Thomières, mountain roads or across the lowlans and vineyards and south up to the Pyrenees. 


It's hot in summer, what else better than to refresh yourself

the pool and

  • the sea, the beaches of Narbonne, Gruissan, Leucate

  • the lake of Jouarres, Raviège, Salagou

  • the rivers Orb, Hérault

  • the Canal du Midi, do a tour on a house boat

lots of activities for those who like to get wet, swimming, canyoning, canoë-kayak, rafting, surfing, sailing, kitesurfing....

medieval heritage and couriosities

  • the most beautiful villages of France

  • the famous circular villages

  • the abbeys

  • the cathare castles

  • the cities of Narbonne, Carcassonne, Béziers, Pézenas

  • the caves and grottes et gouffre géant

  • les dolmens, capitelles et moulins à vent



With these numerous activities pleases don't forget to stop at the wine cellars, restaurants and to visit the local markets, for example evey tuesday morning in Olonzac.